Minis Pediatric Walk In Clinic
Established in 2009

- Rose M. 5/28/2021
"Doctor Alam and Doctor Michelle are hands UP one of the Top 2 best doctors that my sons Alex and Angelo loves to see! They are truly so caring and compassionate, sweet and helpful in every way about their children and patients and best of all to-- MY CHILDREN. Weither its a sick visit or healthy checkups they are always truly so wonderful. Doctor Alam and Doctor Michelle truly put in the extra work, extra checkup, extra love and care and support to make sure my boys are always okay! & going to be okay, No matter what! They truly show they care so much about children in every way and want to help you, take care of and explain eveything to you. Every little thing they do big or small is so appreciated and noticed. They truly go above and beyond for care and support; theyre truly the most amazing && passionate doctors that I have ever met in my entire life. With every visit I have for my sons I see it more and more and wouldnt want anyone else but Doctor Alam and Doctor Michelle for my sons care. I truly thank them from my heart. They have such beautiful, caring, passionate souls and were truly MEANT to be doctors from God and destiny,seriously! I wouldnt take my kids anywhere else! Some of the best front desk staff that always truly help my sons and I is Noemi, Crystal and Jennifer.Weither my sons are sick or are in for healthy checkups these girls are always there for me and my boys and are so sweet, kind, compassionate, helpful, friendly just beautiful souls! They show such care and support when my sons are sick. & when its a healthy checkup visit they show the same care too. :) When you are a MOM one thing you want is you truly just want others to love and care for your kids like you do as a Mom so from my heart I truly appreiate you so much the cares and support that you all show for my boys!! Thank you all from bottom of my heart Doctor Alam, Doctor Michelle, Noemi, Jennifer and Crystal for all the care you do for not only ALL children ...but for MY children. Alex and Angelo and myself truly adore these doctors, this beautiful & wonderful office , these girls helping me and my sons always. I wouldn't take my sons anywhere else!!! Thank you from my heart!! 10 stars!! :)"